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FoodCloud is an Irish social enterprise with a vision for a world where no good food goes to waste. They connect food businesses with surplus food to charities and community groups around Ireland and the UK who can use it, reducing both the environmental and social impact of food waste.

Lidl began working with FoodCloud in 2017 and we now operate a national food redistribution programme that sees all of our stores connected with local charities via the FoodCloud technology platform. We also donate to FoodCloud directly through our three regional distribution centres and FoodCloud then redistributes this surplus stock to their network of 500+ charity partners and community groups in Ireland through their warehouse Hubs solution.

Through our partnership with FoodCloud we have redistributed the equivalent of  over 2 million meals to charities across Ireland and each day we are building on this impact. In Ireland over 1 million tonnes of food is wasted each year and globally food waste accounts for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. Through our work with FoodCloud we are not only supporting our communities but we are also having a positive impact on the environment through food waste reduction. See what one of our charity partners are saying about the partnership below:

“Portadown Cares started in 2012 to provide help to those most in need in their local community. They collect donations from Lidl Portadown throughout the week and through FoodCloud, they redistribute it to local hostels and families in need in their area. Through these donations from Lidl, they have been able to help more people than ever before. They believe that Lidl are committed to seeing their surplus food put to good use and find that the staff are always there to give a helping hand.”

– Portadown Cares, County Armagh, Northern Ireland

Our Suppliers

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we are providing our customers with top quality products, at market leading prices. As set out in our company vision, we believe in building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. We rely on our suppliers to implement our sustainable sourcing policies and embrace our journey towards “A Better Tomorrow” – from developing their own sustainable development plans to sourcing certified, sustainable ingredients. We look forward to collaborating more and more with our suppliers both in Northern Ireland and further afield.

CORE & Climate Action

We are a member of Business in the Community Northern Ireland (BITC NI), the network for responsible business. Business in the Community Northern Ireland has been in operation since 1989 and now has hundreds of members to whom they offer a range of supports including tailored, best practice advice and support, access to a calendar of workshops, training and networking events and business action on education programmes. We work with BITC NI to develop our programmes and share best practice with Northern Ireland’s leading companies dedicated to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. For more information on them click here.


We are delighted to announce that Lidl Northern Ireland has been awarded CORE – The Standard for Responsible Business in Northern Ireland! As a grocery retailer, we are considered by many to be gatekeepers of the food system and now more than ever the importance of our operations is apparent. With this comes responsibility for people’s health, livelihoods and community so ensuring we keep our shelves stocked with an ever expanding quality range at market leading value is central to our success.

CORE is an award that recognises businesses that are committed to integrating corporate social responsibility into their entire operations. It allows companies to showcase their commitments and benchmark their sustainability activity.


Business Action on Climate

We are proud to be the retail sponsor of the Business Action on Climate Pledge with Business in the Community Northern Ireland. Pledging to reduce our emissions by 50% in our operations by 2030. As a sponsor, we are supporting businesses across Northern Ireland to start thinking about ways they can protect and support climate in their own operations and supply chains.

The Climate Action Pledge is a collaboration that puts Northern Ireland businesses at the forefront of action on the climate emergency. To sign up or to learn more click here.

Fruit & Vegetables

We offer a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables all year round, where 37% are sourced locally and to extremely high-quality standards. 100% of our fruit and vegetable are certified to the Bord Bia Sustainable Horticulture Assurance Scheme (SHAS) and/or certified to the GLOBALG.A.P. Fruit and Vegetable standard.

Where possible we source locally but seasonality impacts this and to offer our customers a diverse range of fresh fruit and vegetables all year round we also need to source further afield.

One such item sourced outside Ireland is the Banana which through its farming provides employment to millions of people in developing countries worldwide and is a major source of income. However, workers in this industry often suffer from poor working conditions, low wages and exposure to harmful chemicals. We are pleased to announce that 100% of our banana range now comes from farms certified to Fairtrade, Organic or Rainforest Alliance standards.

Lidl is developing the first biodiversity focused standard for conventional fruit and vegetable producers. The new standard will be developed as a GLOBALG.A.P. add-on module. Learn more about this exciting project below.

Healthier Products

Aware of our customer’s wellbeing, we published a health and nutrition policy outlining our strategy for reducing the sugar and salt content in our own-brand products in response to “Healthy Ireland” – an Irish government led initiative.

Sugar: We will reduce the added sugar content in own brand products by 20% by the end of 2020, focusing primarily on foods that are popular with and consumed by children. Food categories such as breakfast cereals, spreads, sauces and sweet confectionery will be a major focus. We will be reviewing approximately 350 own brand products in order to reach this sugar target.

Salt: We will reduce the salt content of own-brand products in line with the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) 2017 salt targets by the end of 2020. The reduction of salt first focuses on food categories that are consumed on a regular basis and generally make up a large share of the daily salt intake including; ready meals, soups, pizzas, crisps, cakes and meat products. Over 500 of Lidl Northern Ireland’s own brand products will be reviewed to reach this salt target.

We are also enhancing our product range and adapting it to address alternative diets such as vegan options and catering for intolerances such as lactose or gluten. For more details on our health and nutrition targets as well as our quality and safety processes please download the Health and Nutrition Policy.

Lidl Launches Charity of the Week

Charity of the Week – a new initiative in the Lidl Community Works programme sees Lidl donate €1000/ £1000 every week for a year to local charities and groups across Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and will run alongside existing support programmes already in place at each of Lidl’s 4 regional sales offices.

These worthy causes are selected by store teams in recognition of their excellent work in the local community. The Lidl store teams are best placed to choose these groups as they see first-hand, the positive impact that is made in the areas in which they operate.

Supporting and investing in local communities is something that Lidl are committed to and we are delighted to be able to make positive contributions in towns and villages across the island of Ireland” – J.P. Scally, Managing Director, Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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