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Ellen MacArthur Foundation

As part of the Schwarz Group we have signed the Ellen MacArthurs Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, making our commitment to global goals for the promotion of recycling in the plastics industry.

The initiative is based on five interlinked and mutually reinforcing elements of cooperation: Open dialogue and active cooperation between companies and partners; establishment of a global protocol to improve transparency and set concrete targets; the Plastics Pact to develop the collection, sorting and recycling of plastics towards a more circular economy; Innovation; outreach and stakeholder engagement.

As part of a global network, we are tackling the challenges of the New Plastics Economy together and developing new innovative strategies and solutions in cooperation with our partners. As a pioneer in the retail industry, we want to rethink the plastics and recycling industry and, with our commitment along the entire value chain, make a contribution to the conservation of resources and the environment.

Learn more here about the New Plastics Economy here.

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