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Electric Vehicles

Lidl provides the largest network of electric vehicle chargers in the Irish supermarket sector, enabling customers to charge their electric vehicles  free of charge whilst they shop. This initiative ensures all new suitable stores include two charging points for e-cars and over 40 charging points across the country.

“Electric vehicles are indispensable in addressing the major challenges of improving air quality and curbing the use of fossil fuels. With more and more customers shopping with us every week, we hope that the  expansion of the network of public charge points will make electric vehicles more attractive to customers whilst further enhancing our customer experience. What’s great is they’re also free for our customers!

Alan Barry, Director of Property and Central Services, Lidl Ireland


At Lidl, we pride ourselves on offering freshness and availability to our customers at all times. Our logistics structure enables us to guarantee the best possible freshness, even of perishable items, as well as allowing us to organise transportation in the most efficient, and as such, environmentally friendly way.

Our teams continuously measure logistical data for store deliveries, ensuring cost effective and efficient pallet planning for distribution. Delivery vehicles back-haul materials to our distribution centres for recycling purposes. Activity is measured by stringent KPI’s to ensure efficient vehicle utilisation and reduced fuel consumption, contributing to a better environment.

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