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Way To Go!

Way To Go! Our Super Fairtrade Chocolate

Way To Go!  is our new range of Super Fairtrade certified chocolate. Way to Go! chocolate bars are the first own-label bars in Ireland to contain 100% traceable and sustainably sourced cocoa and they come in four delicious flavours: Milk Chocolate; Dark Chocolate; Caramelised Almonds & Sea Salt; and Dark Chocolate Pecan Coconut.

A sweeter deal for cocoa farmers

Way To Go!  is made from 100% traceable cocoa beans grown by 440 farmers from the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative in Ghana.

Through Way To Go!  Lidl guarantees cocoa farmers the Fairtrade Minimum Price for cocoa, which acts as a safeguard when market prices drop, and the Fairtrade Premium, which is a sum of money for farmers to invest in their communities or in educational projects of their choice.

On top of that, Lidl also pays an additional US300 ‘Lidl Premium’ on every tonne of cocoa which is invested in training farmers in sustainable cocoa cultivation so they can obtain higher yields, and in the production and marketing of rice, yam, honey and soap. These activities help them diversify and increase their income levels, meaning they are able to support a sustainable future for their families.

Way to Go! helps to close the income gap for our cocoa farmers, demonstrating that affordable chocolate can also be sustainable!

What is so special about the Way To Go! chocolate?

It offers a double premium for cocoa farmers! The Fairtrade Premium and Lidl’s Premium in the form of continuing education opportunities which promotes a living income for farmers

Sustainable cocoa! The cocoa comes from the cooperative Kuapa Kokoo from the Konongo region in Ghana, from whom Lidl buys 100% of its sustainable cocoa beans           

Transparency!  The origin of the cocoa used for the chocolate can be traced back.  You can find out more on our colourful Way to Go! bar wrapper in-store

Positive Impact! It is currently benefiting 10 communities with 440 farmers, 25% of which are woman

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