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Lidl Ireland/Northern Ireland | Sustainability Progress Report 2018/19
High Quality Products and Product Safety
Our products are rigorously quality tested at all stages of production to ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality standards, in keeping with our company mission. We make it possible for our customers to eat healthily on a budget, secure in the knowledge that high quality and safety standards are maintained.
We recognise the risks inherent in the food supply chain particularly in relation to microbiological, chemical and biological hazards as well as contamination of foodstuffs. We guarantee quality food through a rigorous product development and quality control process.
Please see below two product examples that include an overview of all the different areas included in testing.
IFS (International Featured Standards) Food Standard
is an audit standard for food producers that focuses on food safety, product quality and process quality. It is relevant for food producers and food packaging companies.
BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a set of global standards that protect consumers and provide a guarantee that the certified products are safe, high-quality and comply with legal requirements.
FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) is a standard of efficient company management from a food safety perspective. It is based on existing ISO standards, proving that the certified company has an extensive system of quality assurance that fulfils its consumers’ requirements.
Tested for:
E. Coli Pesticides
Genetically modified organisms
Label Assessment:
USDA Colour Designation Hydroxymethylfurfural Pollen analysis Carbohydrates
Sodium Protein Sugars Fats kJ/kcal
Customer and Society
Packaging changed from unrecyclable black plastic to transparent
Resources and Agriculture
Tested for:
Staphylococcus Aureus Pseudomonas
Lactic Acid Bacteria Listeria
Salmonella Enterobacteriaceae E. Coli
DNA - Bovine
Label Assessment:
Carbohydrates Sodium Protein Sugars
Fats kJ/kcal
Agricultural Inputs Cultivation & Harvesting
Animal Keeping
Logistics Centre
Transportation Stores and Services
Supply Chain and Processing
Operations and Processes

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