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Equivalent Saved
€274,161.30 £138,299.34 €537,410.25 £192,538.33
Target Ireland: In 2016, we set ourselves the target of donating one million meals by 2020. We are on-track and to date we have reached 595,152 meals.
Target Northern Ireland: In 2016, we set ourselves the target of donating 250,000 meals by 2020. We have already surpassed this target with 281,910 meals already donated in Northern Ireland.
Our distribution centres have also donated over 195,000 meals to FoodCloud hubs over the last two years. These donations occur infrequently when distribution centres have additional stock.
Lidl Ireland/Northern Ireland | Sustainability Progress Report 2018/19
How does this help?
91,387.10 53,566.50 179, 136.75 74,574.50
201,052 117,846 394,101 164,064
collect from Lidl Donegal on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They use the food received
from Lidl through FoodCloud to distribute it directly to families caring for someone with a disability. Disability can seriously compromise one’s ability to work and subsequent earning capacity. The parents who Bluestack Special Needs Foundation work with often struggle financially and they have seen the families express much gratitude and appreciation for the donations they have received.
Resources and Agriculture
VIA WINGS is a charity that develop creative and flexible solutions to multiple, complex
and entrenched social issues, experienced by families and individuals, such as poverty, mental illness, addiction, loneliness, isolation, harm or abuse, trauma, profound or complex needs and ill health. Via Wings collects from Lidl Banbridge every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and they use the food to redistribute to their client base. These donations make an impact on
the disadvantaged in many ways. It not only improves their overall diet but it also goes some way to restoring dignity and beginning to break the grip poverty has on them, regardless of how they got there.
Supply Chain and Processing
Audited by EY
* 1kg= 3.2kgs of CO2. This was calculated from an average of the different food categories donated.
Agricultural Inputs Cultivation & Harvesting Animal Keeping
Processing Transportation Logistics Centre Transportation Stores and Services
2017 Ireland
2017 Northern Ireland 2018 Ireland
2018 Northern Ireland
kgs Meals Donated Donated
CO2 kg Saved
2,924.39 1,714.13 5,732.38 2,386.38
Operations and Processes
Customer and Society

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