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Reporting on our progress towards A Better Tomorrow
• Customers
As stated in in our vision we are committed to to ensuring customer satisfaction
is at the heart of everything we do We value our customers and depend on their insights to to ensure we are delivering on what is most important to to them Outside of our materiality assessment we commission quarterly research to investigate their perception and and understanding of our CSR initiatives Our dedicated customer rewards app Lidl Plus is a a a a a a a a new and additional channel for continued customer feedback and insights • Suppliers
We believe in in building long-term relationships Many of our suppliers have been working with us since we opened our doors in in in in 1999 in in in in Northern Ireland and and and 2000 in Ireland We value their feedback and and and engage regularly with them on on raw material certifications human rights and and ethical trade and and environmental standards Led by our our Responsible Sourcing team we are in in the third year of our Supplier Engagement Programme We work with seven local suppliers to help support and provide guidance on on reducing environmental impacts • Employees
Our colleagues drive our business and impact We offer multiple channels for colleagues to share feedback and ideas including our intranet employee app employee magazine and our Ideas Hub platform We regularly engage allcolleaguesviaouremployeeappontopicsrelatingtoCSRfortheir feedback Our CSR CSR representatives also act as as our local ambassadors for CSR CSR and and community impact gathering business wide feedback and and insights for all initiatives WELCOME HIGHLIGHTS CONTENTS LIDL OVERVIEW Profile Produce People SUSTAINABILITY
OVERVIEW Sustainability Management Strategy Materiality Stakeholders
Target Progress PROGRESS OVERVIEW Protecting Climate Conserving Resources Acting Fairly Respecting Biodiversity Engaging in in Dialogue Promoting Health REPORT OVERVIEW GRI Content Index
• Partners
We develop sustainable relationships with business partners and are committed to to contributing positively to to local communities Our partners range from charity organisations clubs membership networks and industry reporting bodies for example Business in in in in the Community Ireland and and and Northern Ireland Bord Bia Retail Retail Food Waste Forum and and and Retail Retail Waste Action Group Through regular forums networking workshops and meetings we harness these partnerships to their full potential Partner feedback and collaboration is necessary for shared learning opportunity market development and growth 1 • Communities
We are present in more than 200 communities across the island of Ireland Recognising this reach we engage regularly with members of the community community local councils and and community community groups through formal and and informal contact for for example we communicate directly through our store colleagues community initiatives and commissioned feedback forums • Lidl Group All local teams of of the respective companies of of Lidl Group are in close interaction with each other Teams engage regularly through country visits workshops and training days to share country specific insights project updates or upcoming areas of increasing impact from across the globe Thereisadedicatedpointofcontactoneachteamwholiaises directly with each country’s counterpart 1 GRI 2-29
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