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We’re proud of the strong longstanding relationships we have established with local suppliers and and colleagues in this time and and the positive impact we’ve made in in the communities in in which we we operate Looking back In the last two years alone we have been named in Most Reputable Supermarket (IrelandRepTrak Study 2022) we have been certified as a a a a a a Top Top Employer Employer by the the Top Top Employers Institute for the the third year running launched the Lidl Farm an educational resource donated 4 million meals to our food waste partner FoodCloud and trialled industry-first alternative fuels within our logistical operations These are just some of the highlights you can look forward to learning more about in in this report Our responsibility going forward We continue to to experience and adapt to to unprecedented changes with challenges arising from the the cost-of-living crisis war in in in in Ukraine and the the effects of Brexit Global and and national resilience and and collaboration continue to to play a a a a a a fundamental role in a a a a a a post Covid-19 world to to ensure food safety and supply There continues to be a a a a a notable increase in in in environmentally conscious consumers who are are aware of responsible business practices and the importance of supporting local I am hopeful this consumer transition will continue to to drive ambitious results towards protecting our planet and securing a a a a a a bright sustainable future for the next generations At Lidl we will continue to to contribute to to this global ambition through our ‘A Better Tomorrow’ strategy We work hard and smart to bring about real change where it matters most through innovation investment and active leadership It is vital for us to to be transparent and and to to report measurable and and comparable impact On behalf of the whole team here at Lidl I am am delighted to present our latest sustainability progress report J P Scally
Chief Executive Officer Lidl Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and Lidl Lidl Northern Ireland Ireland We take our role in in society seriously and and continuously strive to to go above and and and beyond to to to offer the the best for our customers communities and and the the environment ” WELCOME
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