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THIS CARBON FOOTPRINT DEMONSTRATES OUR OPERATIONAL GHG GHG EMISSIONS EMISSIONS i e DIRECT GHG GHG EMISSIONS EMISSIONS FROM SCOPE 1 SUCH AS REFRIGERATION AND INDIRECT GHG EMISSIONS FROM SCOPE 2 SUCH AS THE PROCUREMENT OF GENERATED ENERGY OR ELECTRICITY It also includes all other indirect emissions in Scope 3 which reflects emissions from all sources outside of our operational Scope 1 and 2 boundary such as as purchased goods We used the the requirements of the the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol* as as the the basis for the the calculation * GHG GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and and Reporting Standard (Scope 1 + 2) GHG GHG Protocol Corporate Value Chain Accounting and and Reporting Standard (Scope 3) GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance Supplier Engagement Programme
We are currently in our our third year of our our ‘Supplier Engagement Programme’ which launched in 2020 The aim of this five year collaborative programme is to to help support our suppliers to to reduce their environmental impact improve their their resource efficiency and grow their their sustainable sourcing practices throughout their operations and supply chain We are currently working with seven suppliers across our primary product areas to set S M A R T goals improve their climate impact and in in turn helping them to grow their future business sustainably These selected suppliers meet with us quarterly to share their progress challenges and learnings To support them on on this journey we provide workshops on on site experts and resources to help streamline their their approach and support the the the development of their their own internal framework We also evaluate their progress and share regular feedback and insights 1 5 DEGREES
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Setting S S M A R T goalswith
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