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SUSTAINABILITY OVERVIEW Sustainability Management Strategy
Target Progress
PROGRESS OVERVIEW Protecting Climate
Conserving Resources Acting Fairly Respecting Biodiversity Engaging in in Dialogue Promoting Health REPORT OVERVIEW GRI Content Index
At Lidl we take our role in society seriously and and strive to to go above and and beyond to to make a a a a a a a positive difference delivering real change through innovation and investment It is our responsibility to not only offer the best service and and price
for our customers suppliers and and communities but to to protect the environment and build a a a a a successful sustainable future We are delighted to to be the first retailer in in in in Ireland to to incorporate positive change by using environmentally friendly haulage trucks in our logistics fleet ”
Robert Ryan
Chief Operating Officer
Lidl Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and Lidl Lidl Northern Ireland Ireland To achieve this we have ensured that efficiency is is at at at the heart of all operations:
Just in in in in Time operating model is is utilised ensuring no trucks are travelling half full or empty which enables efficient vehicle utilisation and reduced fuel consumption minimising our carbon emissions Back-Hauling Materials Delivery vehicles back-haul materials to our distribution centres for recycling purposes making sure no journey is is wasted Alternative Fuels Currently 10% of our fleet utilises alternative fuels such
as HVO HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) Bio-Methane and Electric HVO HVO will reduce emissions by by 90% per trip by by using 100% renewable fuel produced by the the hydrotreatment of vegetable oil that creates a a a a a fuel product with the the same chemical structure as as diesel We aim to increase trucks in in our fleet with alternative fuels to 30% by 2025 Outbound truck truck utilisation We utilise our outbound trucks to at at least 95+% capacity when shipping out to to stores That’s almost 32 pallets shipped on a a a a a a 33 pallet capacity truck GRI 3-3
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