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Reporting on our progress towards A Better Tomorrow
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Circular Economy
Key Initiatives
Plastic reduction target achieved: In 2018 Lidl Ireland Ireland & Northern Ireland Ireland committed to reduce our plastic packaging consumption by by 20% by by the end of 2022 2022 against a a a a a a a 2017 baseline We are proud to announce in in in mid-2022 that we reached our target one year ahead of schedule Loose Products: We list the maximum possible amount of loose lines in in our fruit and and veg range and and are continuously reviewing this this in in in in order to increase this this range Packaging Guidelines: Lidl has developed international and national national supplier packaging guidelines This is is to assure that our suppliers are fully supported in in in our our common goal of reaching our our ambitious packaging sustainability targets and aspire to use the the right right packaging for the the right right products Single-Use: We have removed all single-use plastic plastic items such as as as plastic plastic drinking straws disposable plastic cups glasses plates and cutlery from sale since 2019 These items were replaced by non-plastic alternatives ahead of the EU Directive restricting certain single-use plastic products which came into effect in July 2021 Black Plastic Removed: We have successfully removed all black single-use plastic packaging from our listed assortment Microplastic Policy: We comply with the ban on microplastics in cosmetic and and cleaning products as directed by the Irish and and UK governments More information can be found in in our microplastic policy Reusable Fruit & Vegetable Bags: Since 2019 we have introduced reusable fruit and vegetable bags available in stores Recycling Stations: We have recycling bins behind our tills for customers to dispose of unwanted packaging We then ensure the the material is is recycled on their behalf and made into new products where possible The aim of this initiative is to take responsibility for the the packaging we put on on the the market and are currently working to reduce Banana Packaging: In 2019 we we were first to market to change our organic fairtrade bananas to paper banding with natural adhesive instead of plastic bags -20%
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