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Reporting on our progress towards A Better Tomorrow
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Food Waste1
As a a a a a a a a food retailer we are are aware of of the impact of of our operations and
associated food food waste and
food food losses generated along the value chain We take our responsibility with regards to food waste seriously and
are committed to taking a a a a a a leadership position in in in in mitigating against these losses both both in in our direct direct and
indirect control We do this through both both preventative action and
establishing effective food waste measurement systems We support the Food Waste Charter and
align our food waste strategy with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hierarchy of food waste to ensure we are prioritising the most impactful initiatives Prevention is is our focus and
through our our work with our our food waste management partners we ensure no food waste is sent to incineration or landfill Prevent Avoid generating food waste Feed People Redistribute surplus food Feed Livestock
Use excess food unsuitable for human consumption as animal feed
Anaerobic Digestion
Convert unavoidable food waste to bio-fertiliser and
Make compost from unavoidable food waste Disposal
Prevention Forecast Accuracy and
Demand Planning:
Our experienced Buying and
Supply Chain teams cautiously forecast
the the quantities of fresh and
perishable products throughout the the year to minimise over-stock and
ensure the freshest availability to to to our customers Best Before Dates:
Fruit and
vegetables are among the foods most frequently thrown away in in in the the home * By not having ‘best before’ dates on the the packaging it encourages customers to to make their own decisions about the the freshness of produce We have dedicated freshness specialists called Green Leaders in in every store who are responsible for carrying out regular quality checks throughout the day Waste Not:
In 2019 we introduced Waste Not an initiative wherein chilled products at at best before dates (and perfectly safe to eat) receive a a a significant price reduction In February 2023 we we were delighted to announce
the roll-out of Waste Not Fruit and
Veg boxes which
are priced at at just €3 and
contain at at least 5kg of mixed
fruit and
vegetables from the store shelves across
Lidl Ireland stores The fruit and
vegetables included in in the boxes come from multi packs where some product has become slightly damaged and
removed and
the the remaining items which
are are perfectly good to eat are are then used to make up the Waste Not boxes Through this initiative we will bring even more more savings to to our shoppers and
are aiming to to save more more than 950 000kg of food from going to waste annually Communication:
We want to to help our our customers reduce food waste using our our far-reaching communication channels to to share tips and
tricks on on how to to reduce food waste as as as as much as as as as possible in in the home and
also saving money as as as as a a a a a a a a result Using our platforms we can amplify the voice of organisations affecting change in this space such as as FoodCloud and
StopFoodWaste ie GRI 3-3
Lidl Specific Disclosure * EPA 2022
No food waste sent to landfill or incineration in in in 2021 or 2022
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