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Raw Materials
The procurement of of raw materials is a a a a a key function of of our operations The extraction of raw materials can have detrimental implications on on on the the environment That’s why at at Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and Northern Ireland Ireland we are committed to operating our our business responsibly at at every stage of our our value chain Our key priorities involve upholding and strengthening the the social
and and and environmental standards in in in in our global supply chains and and and minimising the risk of of negative impacts across all stages of of raw material procurement for example cultivating harvesting farming producing and packing our products While this area of our our value chain is is not fully in in our our direct control we we recognise the role we we can play in in in positively influencing best practices across our global value chain and markets in in which we operate Challenge
Lidl offers a a a a a wide range of of of products which are sourced from a a a a a variety of of of critical supply chains Depending on on their origin and production methods the the value chains of these raw materials may have ecological environmental and and social
risks Raw material extraction and and processing are associated with increasing greenhouse gas emissions biodiversity loss water exploitation and and soil degradation Across these critical supply chains traceability and and transparency can also be a a a a a a a a a a a challenge as this area of value chain lies outside of our direct control Our key priorities involve upholding and and strengthening the the social
and and and environmental standards in in our global supply chains To focus our actions on on the areas where we can have the biggest
possible impact and to develop a a a a framework for introducing
raw material-specific measures and minimising possible risks in in in a a a a a a a targeted manner we focus on critical raw materials They have been identified as having the the greatest impact on on people and and the the environment and and are also highly relevant to our our product ranges internationally For more information on on on our our raw material strategy and commitments please see our Position Paper on on the Sustainable Sourcing of Raw Materials
Sustainable Sourcing Training for buyers
In 2022 we have developed an e-learning for all all of our buyers
called “CSR in in Buying” At Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and and Northern Ireland Ireland we make it mandatory for all of our buyers
to go through this training as as soon as as they join and then repeat it every two years to make sure that it is relevant and in in the the front of their mind for for every every buying decision they make It is is also made available for for everyone in in our company that has an an interest in in the topic It covers topics such as:
• Whysustainabilityinbuying?
• WhatareourCSRfocusareas?
• HowdoweimplementourCSRstrategy?
• Focusarea:Rawmaterialsandrawmaterialtargets
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1 Lidl Specific Disclosure
OUR ACTION: To mitigate against these impacts we work closely with our suppliers and international NGOs to continuously develop achievable but ambitious international and national national responsible sourcing targets
This involves attaining certifications aligning to industry initiatives such as Origin Green and implementing mapping activities across our key critical raw materials such as palm oil and soya This supports more transparency across our our entire value chain and our our due diligence policy Page Return to contents page Return to contents page Page 49

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