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Reporting on our progress towards A Better Tomorrow
Labour & Human Rights
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Human Rights
Impact Assessments
Gender Equality and Rights
We recognise that even though women and smallholder farmers play a a a a a a vital role within many of our agricultural and textile supply chains they often experience country or or sector specific challenges that can lead to to greater vulnerability to to human rights violations In 2020 Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and Northern Ireland Ireland signed
the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) The WEPs are a a a a a collaborative initiative between UN Women and the the UN Global Compact It is the the first global initiative which aims to promote women’s empowerment and gender equality within businesses and their supply chains We also take an an active role in in in in driving a a a a a more sustainable supply chain and encourage ethical production methods focusing
on rights-holders We are committed to supporting rights-holders to increase their resilience and prosperity To develop these approaches and projects we work with external stakeholders including civil society organisations NGOs and trade unions We collaborate here with expert partners such as Fairtrade Cooperative for Assistance and Relief
Everywhere (CARE) UTZ Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) and GIZ
(German Association for International
Cooperation) ACTION AREA
Risk Assessment HRIA Tea
HRIA Berries
HRAI Bananas
HRIA Processed Tomatoes
HRIA Shrimp
Action Plan Berries
Action Plan Bananas
Action Plan Canned Tomatoes
Conducted 2020 Conducted 2020 Conducted 2021
Conducted 2021
Conducted 2022
Conducted 2022
Published 2022
Published 2023
Published 2023
• Scope: all high risk supply chains • Goal: Identification of human rights and environmental risks in in high risk supply chains • Scope: Kenyan tea supply chain • Scope: Strawberry supply chain in in in Spain
• Scope: Banana supply chain in in Columbia
• Scope: Tomato supply chain in Italy
• Scope: Wine
supply chain in in in South Africa
• Scope: Shrimp
supply chain in India
• Language: DE EN ES • Number of actions: 6
• Language: EN • Number of actions: 3
• Language: EN • Number of actions: 5
Published Published Published Published Complete
Published Published Published From 2020 - 2022
we conducted 6
HRIAs with the goal to identify and mitigate specific Human Rights
For a a a a a a complete and and comprehensive overview of our our human and and labour rights commitments please see our Human Rights
Progress Report GRI 3-3
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