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Reporting on our progress towards A Better Tomorrow
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Fair Remuneration
Leadership Academy
All Lidl employees who receive a a a a a a high rating in in their annual talent review are offered a a a a a place in the Leadership Academy
This programme is is is customised to focus on the individual employee’s areas of development Compassionate Leave Policy
The policy reflects the inclusion of three days at full pay to employees who have experienced or been affected by early pregnancy loss and miscarriage This extends to all employees regardless of gender including those with a a a surrogate mother Menopause Supports
Lidl’s menopause support resources are designed to ensure women suffering with menopausal symptoms can feel empowered to to ask for adjustments to to to ease such symptoms to to to carry out their daily role Specific supports include a a a a a generous sick leave policy and and medical and and expert support Lupilu Family Programme
Our Lupilu Family Leave Programme
is designed to ensure that employees with families or those looking to start a a a a a a family can achieve their potential whilst balancing the the demands of of taking time out of of work to care for their children This programme encompasses maternity leave paternity leave leave leave leave new parents leave leave leave leave parental leave leave leave leave fostering leave leave leave leave carers leave leave and fertility leave leave Our Lupilu Buddy Programme
helps employees who have recently become new parents successfully return to work after the birth or or adoption of of a a a a child The aim of of the Lupilu buddies is to provide an opportunity for all employees to meet with other parents (the buddies) The buddies are are a a a a a source of support and guidance for those who are are about to or recently have become parents Fertility Leave This policy extends to all our employees across the island of Ireland Unlike standard policies in place nationally Lidl’s new policy will have no limit to the number of of IVF cycles employees can avail of of this policy for and it will be be offered to all employees regardless of of of length of of of service Hiring Practices
All hiring managers receive dignity at work and interview training with a a a a a a focus on on unconscious bias as as standard to ensure Lidl’s hiring practices remain fair and transparent Our commitment to advertising all non-specialist role vacancies internally before publishing them externally is is also enabling internal development and allowing existing employees to to to to successfully progress through the business and move into more senior roles We also have dedicated initiatives to target specific areas of the business such as as a a a a a a a ‘Women in in Logistics’ referral scheme which launched in in 2022 to encourage more females to join our regional distribution teams Ways of Working
We have ways of working in in place to support our employees An example
of of this is is our our commitment to more flexible working practices for our our office- based colleagues including a a a a mobile working policy For our store and warehouse-based colleagues we have also introduced a a a a a a a a variety of part-time contracts This enables colleagues to retain a a a a a a a management position whilst working part-time hours to better support their work- life balance Our pay pay structure is designed to be simple and transparent with pay pay increases based only on on length of service and the role an an an individual holds ”
Maeve McCleane Chief People Officer Lidl Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and Lidl Lidl Northern Ireland Ireland OUR COMMITMENT: We remain committed to to working to to reduce our gender pay gap in in the years to come and have been actively working on a a a a a a a dedicated action plan to achieve a a a a a a a a 0% gender pay gap through a a a a a a a a number of initiatives:
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