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Reporting on our progress towards A Better Tomorrow
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Diversity & Inclusion
D&I Forum
At Lidl our colleagues are spread across across a a a a a a number of different sites across across the island of of Ireland We have employees working in in offices warehouses and and and stores With this comes huge diversity of experience and and and insights and and and we we are keen to to capture these and empower colleagues to to have their say One of the mechanisms we use to do this is is is our employee forum forum The forum forum meets on on a a a a a a a a quarterly basis to plan for campaigns like International Women’s Day Pride or or Black History Month It’s also a a a a a a a way to to share ideas experiences or suggestions D&I Board Champions
We have appointed Lead Champions
from the the Board for the the below six areas Having a a a a a a a a a a Lead Champion for each area ensures that we have someone at at leadership level who endeavours to keep their particular cohort in in mind when making key decisions The board champions work directly with the D&I project manager throughout the year to ensure we are are recognising key awareness days on our our D&I calendar and that we are meeting our our commitments which form part of our D&I strategy • Gender Equality
• LGBTQ+ • Disability
• Race & Ethnicity
• AgeintheWorkplace
• Low Socio-Economic Areas
ACTION: We have achieved a a a number of key milestones since 2020 which include:
• OurD&Iemployeesurvey
• ThecreationoftheD&Idashboard
• In-persontrainingforourBoardandleadershipteams
• Theestablishmentofouremployee-ledforum
• SeveralpoliciestosupportD&Iaswellasbuildinginmessagesaround
allyship and belonging into our communications material Using key internal communications channels such as our app intranet and employee magazine we have endeavoured to give our our colleagues a a a a platform for for D&I From our Women in Logistics programmes and work placements for people with with neurodiversity to colleague experiences with with autism the the employee magazine has been a a a a a a a a great way to showcase the the diversity we have at Lidl GRI 3-3
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