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OUR OUR MISSION IS IS TO TO TO TO CONTINUE TO TO TO TO SUPPORT AND INVEST IN IN IN OUR OUR OUR LOCAL COMMUNITIES TO TO TO TO TO CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY TO TO TO TO TO THE AREAS IN WHICH WE AND AND OUR OUR CUSTOMERS LIVE AND AND WORK We believe it it is our our responsibility to to offer the best for our our customers suppliers communities and the environment Building a a successful sustainable future not just for for Lidl but for for all those we impact Jigsaw - The National Centre for Youth Mental Health Since 2018 we have been proud to partner with Jigsaw – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health Through this partnership we have pledged to raise €2 5 million by 2024 and grow national awareness for youth mental health Over the course of this partnership we have been committed to delivering meaningful impact for Jigsaw and and those we reach each each and and every day In 2022 following a review process seeking submissions from interested charities our partnership with Jigsaw was renewed for a a a a a further two years This speaks to the the huge support for the the charity from both staff and customers As part of this process we increased our pledged amount from €1 25 million million million to €2 €2 5 5 million million million To date we have raised over €2 €2 million million million Key highlights for us have been our ‘One Good’ programmes becoming synonymous with with our partnership with with Jigsaw One Good School
An integrated programme that empowers schools to strengthen the the wellbeing and and mental health of all their students and and create a a a a a a a a safe responsive environment for the entire school’s population Over 46 000 registered users (students teachers parents) are are on on the One Good School
online portal One Good Club
One Good ClubTM is a a a a a a five-step youth mental health awareness programme for local clubs clubs developed in partnership with the LGFA and Jigsaw In 2022 26 clubs clubs completed the programme with 86% of participants reporting to have worked collaboratively with other organisations in in in their communities during the the the initiative *
One Good Adult
We are working to encourage customers and colleagues to to be One Good Adult® to a young person in their lives by being there to listen support and advise when times
are tough We raised over €30 000 through a a a a cause-related marketing campaign which saw us give a a a a percentage of of the proceeds of of sales of tea bags to Jigsaw Our network of Jigsaw Heroes across the business have been pivotal to the success of this partnership We have over 230 charity ambassadors across our offices warehouses and stores who do incredible work engaging with our our customers and raising money for our our charity partners €2 million RAISED TO DATE
Reporting on our progress towards A Better Tomorrow
Corporate Citizenship & Local Development1
ACTION: We have established multiple partnerships initiatives and programmes to to help support our communities in areas that matter to to them most GRI GRI 3-3 1 1 1 GRI GRI 413-1
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