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Reporting on our progress towards A Better Tomorrow
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Corporate Citizenship & Local Development1 Ladies Gaelic Football Association
OUR SPONSORSHIP WITH THE LADIES GAELIC FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION BEGAN IN IN IN IN 2016 AND SINCE THEN WE HAVE INVESTED OVER €6 5M IN IN IN IN THE THE SPORT A key objective of of this sponsorship is is to invest in in the the grassroots level of of the the sport and so so far we have supported over 700 schools and and clubs with cash funding new jerseys and and playing equipment In February 2021 we launched our biggest initiative yet the Lidl Plus LGFA Rewards Rewards Scheme that saw us us utilise the the Lidl Plus Rewards Rewards App to give every club in the the country the opportunity to to to earn rewards including new jerseys and cash funding up to to to a a a a a top prize of of €20 000 per province Over the the first two years of of the the scheme nearly 400 clubs have received new jerseys or cash funding with a a a total of over €575 000 invested Our progress to date • Over€6 5millioninvestedinthepartnershipsince2016 • Over700clubsandschoolshavereceivedinvestment
including cash funding jerseys and training equipment • FundraisinginitiativeintroducedviaourLidlPlusapp where all clubs in in in Ireland can win up to €5 000 in in in cash funding with a a a grand prize of €20 000 to be won by a a a club in in each province • 56clubshaveparticipatedintheLidlOneGoodClub initiative developed in in conjunction with our charity partner Jigsaw – the National Centre for Youth Mental Health The programme encourages positive mental health and better mental health awareness in the clubs and communities based on Jigsaw’s ‘5-a-day for your mental health’ framework • 56schoolshaveparticipatedin the #SeriousSupport Schools Programme which is an athlete mentor-led programme devised with Youth Sport Trust the UK and and Ireland’s leading charity improving every young person’s education and development through sport and play The programme involves senior inter-county ladies Gaelic footballers deliver workshops
in secondary schools focused on building resilience and positive mental health through participating in in ladies Gaelic football with a a a long term goal of decreasing the drop out rate among teenage girls 700 clubs and schools received investment
€ Fundraising Initiative via Lidl Plus €6 5 million invested since 2016 GRI GRI 3-3
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