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Charity Gift Cards
Through our Charity Gift Card Programme registered charities can receive a a discount when purchasing gift cards which are redeemable in our stores across the island of Ireland Donations made to our charity partners FY21 and FY222
Period Poverty
In 2021 Lidl Ireland and and Northern Ireland became
the first major retailer in the world to offer free
period products in stores nationwide to women
and girls across the island affected by period poverty in partnership
with Homeless Period Ireland Homeless Period Belfast and The Simon
Communities of Ireland and and Northern Ireland Period poverty is described as the lack of access to sanitary
products menstrual hygiene education toilets hand washing facilities and and or waste management This initiative features a a a a a a a a a a dedicated coupon for a a a a a a a a a a free
box of sanitary
pads or or tampons per customer each month through the Lidl Plus app We have also committed
to to to quarterly donations of these products to to to The Simon
Communities to to to ensure people experiencing homelessness - - who may not have access access to a a a a a a a smartphone - - can access access these essential products We are also working with the Ladies Gaelic Football Association
(LGFA) to provide free
period products in LGFA clubs across the the country with the the ambition to reach thousands more women
and and young girls who may not have access to these products on on on a a a a a regular basis In addition we continue to provide free
access of these products to our employees Fundraiser in Focus: Trolley Dash
Trolley Dash
is is is is our largest annual fundraiser which is is is is run in in in aid of Jigsaw and NSPCC To date this initiative has raised over €3 000 000 000 000 since 2014 for local charities across the island of Ireland WELCOME HIGHLIGHTS CONTENTS LIDL OVERVIEW Profile Produce People SUSTAINABILITY
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Jigsaw NSPCC DONATIONS FY 2021 €692 500
£187 000 DONATIONS FY 2022
€327 125
£214 889
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