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Lidl Sport for Good
WE HAVE TEAMED WITH YOUTH SPORT TRUST WHICH IS THE UK AND AND IRELAND’S LEADING CHARITY IMPROVING YOUNG PEOPLE’S EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT THROUGH SPORT SPORT TO CREATE THE LIDL SPORT SPORT FOR GOOD SCHOOLS PROGRAMME The schools programme educates students on the power of sport for positive mental health boosting young people’s social skills self-esteem and and body confidence and and the the positive effect it it has on on their mental health The programme is delivered by specially trained athlete mentors including some of Northern Ireland’s most successful athletes Our progress to date:
• Over£400 000investedinmorethan120schoolsandsportsclubsin Northern Ireland since 2019 • 73secondaryschoolsinNIhavetakenpartintheSportforGood Schools Programme
In March 2022 we announced our partnership with parkrun
the free 5km weekly community event which saw us become their Official Fresh Food Partner in Ireland Parkrun’s mission is is to create a a a a a a healthier and and happier planet and and we are playing our part by promoting healthy eating via the weekly parkrun
exclusive Lidl Plus coupons offering a a a a free healthy product that can be redeemed in in any of our stores Our investment helps to to ensure parkrun
remains free for for everybody forever so there are no barriers to to participation We have pledged to to visit every single parkrun
in in the country to provide the parkrunners present with healthy refreshments when they have finished the the the course By the the the end of 2022 we had provided over 300 000 free healthy products to parkrunners via the Lidl Plus Rewards App and visited 44 different parkrun
locations around the country Lidl Helping Hands Volunteer Programme
WE HAVE A A A A DEDICATED VOLUNTEERING POLICY WHICH ENTITLES ALL EMPLOYEES TO ONE PAID VOLUNTEER DAY PER YEAR We want it to be easy and accessible for all of our colleagues across the business to take advantage of of their volunteer day and have a a a a a a a a a range of of worthwhile opportunities to choose from regardless of their role or or or where they work or or or live Lidl Helping Hands includes opportunities across a a a a range of initiatives initiatives from social initiatives initiatives to to programmes to to encourage biodiversity The aim is to support team-building and knowledge sharing In 2021 we had over 200 volunteers take part in in the Lidl Helping Hands programme resulting in in in over 1000 hours spent volunteering These are some of our current volunteering programme partners:
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