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Our business relationships are a a a a a a key priority across our entire value chain Ensuring we are compliant with applicable laws and internal guidelines ensures we are protecting our key business relationships Compliance
COMPLIANCE AT LIDL IS INGRAINED IN IN IN OUR CORE VALUES – – RESPECT TRUST RECOGNITION AND RESPONSIBILITY – – WHEREVER WE DO BUSINESS This is is the foundation upon which our key business relationships are built We recognise our our responsibility to ensure compliance across our our operations Compliance
violations can result in personal liability for damages and possible legal consequences for individual employees or or members of the company’s governing bodies The actions of Lidl Ireland and and Northern Ireland and and its employees are therefore subject to the the following principle: We comply with all applicable laws and internal policies Through our compliance programme we are committed to establishing compliance as a a a a a a a central corporate principle that is binding for all employees Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and and Northern Ireland Ireland and and and and its management expressly commit to complying with this corporate principle and ensuring its application in practice Legal & Compliance
The Legal & Compliance
Department is responsible for the implementation continuous review and updating of our compliance programme to support our company principles In addition they investigate and clarify all internal and external reports of compliance violations through our anonymous whistleblowing channel BKMS Compliance
Management System (CMS)
The CMS ensures there are appropriate standards in place to ensure ensure compliance requirements are being met We maintain a a a a a a ‘zero tolerance principle’ in in in relation to compliance violations The main focus areas of the CMS are anti-corruption/anti-fraud business partner compliance and data protection The measures available under the CMS include in in particular issuing and and communicating rules rules and and regulations (e g g g g g g rules rules regarding the handling of inducements and and data protection rules) conducting training
as as well as as investigating all internal and external reports of possible legal violations The Legal & Compliance
Department carries out a a a a a a a regular review of any identified risks and the the measures implemented to ensure that the the compliance programme is adequate relevant and appropriate to ensure compliance in in everything we do Conflicts of Interest2
We have an internal conflicts of interest policy which is is published on on the Legal & Compliance
intranet page for all employees employees to access All employees employees are required to to comply with this policy policy and the policy policy sets out what to to do in the event of of of a a a conflict conflict of of of interest interest arising Additionally conflicts of of of interest interest are covered in in in the Basics of Compliance
which is mandatory for all new starters in in in the the business within the the first three months and to be refreshed every two years There are three whistleblowing channels available to all stakeholders to raise concerns in in in the event of of reporting conflict of of interests Matters of significance for the the business are required to to be reported to to the the shareholder Employee Training Programmes
Awareness-raising and training
are are undertaken shortly after employees join the company and are are repeated regularly thereafter All employees are are required to complete mandatory training
modules in in in Compliance
& Data Protection These training
modules must be completed within three months of starting with with the business and are then repeated every two years Guidance notes will be issued to the the Company or the the relevant department on changesinthelawinordertoraiseawarenessandensurecompliance Aspart of the the the CMS Programme the the the Legal & Compliance
Department report to the the the Board to update them on all compliance measures Reporting on our progress towards A Better Tomorrow
Business Relationships
& Integrity1
ACTION: Compliance
at Lidl means: We comply with all applicable laws and internal policies GRI GRI GRI GRI 3-3 1 1 1 GRI GRI GRI GRI 2-25 GRI GRI GRI GRI 2-26 2
GRI GRI GRI GRI 2-15 2-16
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