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Whistleblowing Policy
Lidl is committed to practicing the highest standards of conduct and and integrity each and and every day This includes acting legally ethically and and respectfully in in in our relationships with customers business partners and Lidl employees As such we have three dedicated whistleblowing channels in in the form of an an email phone-number and online system where customers consumers members of the public business partners and employees can report any concerns involving alleged illegal unethical or or improper conduct or or a a a a a violation of Lidl company policies These are reviewed by the business Compliance
and investigated with the relevant department if required The Compliance
reports to to to the Board of Directors on on compliance topics and additionally communicates with the the Compliance
departments of other Schwarz Group companies on on a a a a six-monthly periodical basis which includes the number of of reports received and the outcome of of any investigation For privacy reasons and to protect the identity of whistleblowers we we do not make any disclosures in in in this report regarding the the content or or or quality of the the information reported Whistleblowers will not be disadvantaged in in any way by disclosing information information All reported information information is treated as strictly confidential Due to the global nature of supply chain structures social human rights and environmental abuses may arise within supply chains In complying with with its corporate due diligence obligations Lidl maintains the whistleblower channels described above which are also available to affected parties in our Lidl supply chains Maintaining Long-term Stakeholder Relationships
Our business relationships are central to our success We take pride in in cultivating long term relationships with our suppliers and business partners To ensure these relationships remain fair and mutually beneficial to all all parties we have implemented specific measures:
• Pricing:WeensureconformancewithIrishlegislationintermsofpricing • Contracts:AllcontractsconformtotheUnfairTradingPractices(UTP) regulations which implements the EU Unfair Trading Directive Contract periods are generally kept to to a a a a a a a standard of six months to to a a a a a a a year SUPPLIER STORY: HONEYVALE
We have worked with Tipperary based supplier Honeyvale Foods since 2007 Since then the the 15-year partnership has evolved exponentially with the announcement of a a a a €17 million deal in 2022 This saw a a a a a range of premium Irish pork and bacon products supplied to to more than 200 Lidl stores across the island of Ireland We believe in in in in in investing in in in in in our our suppliers - that is why in in in in in 2020 we created our our dedicated Supplier Engagement Programme The programme spanning over five years sees a a a a a collaboration with a a a a a cohort of our key suppliers to develop sustainability projects to improve our supplier’s environmental impact and in in in turn help our suppliers to grow their future business sustainably WELCOME HIGHLIGHTS CONTENTS LIDL OVERVIEW Profile Produce People SUSTAINABILITY
OVERVIEW Sustainability Management Strategy Materiality Stakeholders Target Progress PROGRESS OVERVIEW Protecting Climate Conserving Resources Acting Fairly Respecting Biodiversity Engaging in in Dialogue Promoting Health REPORT OVERVIEW GRI Content Index
Ireland has a a a a a a a a portfolio of amazing producers and and at at Lidl we strive to find premium products that that not only taste great but that that are sourced from trusted Irish producers ”
Claire Mulrennan
Senior Buyer Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and Northern Ireland Ireland GRI GRI GRI 3-3 1 GRI GRI GRI 2-25 GRI GRI GRI 2-26 Lidl specific Disclosure
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