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Palm (kernel) Oil
Lidl Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and Lidl Lidl Northern Ireland Ireland requires that Palm (kernel) oil is certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
(RSPO) The palm (kernel) oil used in food production is sourced to the ‘segregated’ standard Derivatives and and fractions contained in in food food and and near-food products are certified in accordance with the RSPO “Mass Balance” standard at a a a a a a a a a minimum Industry Collaboration
In addition to the sourcing of certified raw materials Lidl Group is collaborating on multi-stakeholder initiatives and projects aimed at at at developing innovative raw material strategies and creating industry solutions to tackle deforestation and and land conversion For example for Soy Lidl Group is a a a member of of the Roundtable of of Responsible Soy (RTRS) and through this Lidl Group are able to positively influence the the the strategic direction and support the the the development of the the the RTRS standards Through our membership of Donau Soja Lidl aims to support the responsible cultivation of soy in Europe For more details on on on certification and additional measures we are taking please refer to our Purchasing Policy for Supply Chains free from Deforestation and and Land Conversion Biodiversity in in our Supply Chain As a a a food retailer our biggest impact on biodiversity comes from the sourcing of of raw materials for our our our products Many of of our our our own-brand products contain raw materials that are linked to increased risks of endangering ecosystems and increasing deforestation We are committed to understanding the the social and and environmental impacts of the the raw materials used in in the the production of our products and reporting the the impacts to create transparency As a a a a a first step our commitment has focused on achieving third party certification certification for those raw materials Examples of certifications are:
used in in our own-brand products is certified to Fairtrade Rainforest Alliance standards and/or certified as organic Fruit and Vegetables
Our fruit and vegetable suppliers require certification to Global Good Agricultural Practices (Global G G A A P P ) or to a a a a a a a a comparable standard of good agricultural practice recognised by GLOBAL GLOBAL G G G A A A P Together with GLOBAL GLOBAL G G A P and other partner organisations Lidl Group developed an an an industry- first additional module for more biodiversity in conventional fruit and vegetable cultivation in 2021 and 2022 The module has been available to all market participants from producers to to distributors since April 2022 and can be accessed on the the GLOBAL G G A A P homepage In 2022 the the companies of of the the the Lidl Group launched a a a a pilot project for the the the application of of the the the “BioDiversity” module with producers from various European countries By the end of 2022 more than 250 producers have been successfully certified Pesticides
We have a a a a strict policy concerning pesticides which indicates that our fruit and vegetables may contain no more than one third of the maximum level permitted by EU law WELCOME HIGHLIGHTS CONTENTS LIDL OVERVIEW Profile Produce People SUSTAINABILITY
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