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WE WE ARE COMMITTED TO TO COMMUNICATING IN IN AN AN AN OPEN AND AND HONEST MANNER WITH OUR OUR CUSTOMERS WE WE SEEK TO TO EDUCATE CONSUMERS ON ON ON OUR OUR INITIATIVES AND AND LEARNINGS In 2022 we created a a a a dedicated page in our our our weekly leaflet to highlight our our our progress on our our our initiatives sharing tips and and tricks to live more eco-friendly and and showcase our local suppliers Suppliers
SINCE OPENING OUR DOORS IN IN IN IN IN IN NORTHERN IRELAND IRELAND IN IN IN IN IN IN 1999 AND AND AND AND IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IRELAND IRELAND IN IN IN IN IN IN IN 2000 WE HAVE FORGED MANY LONGSTANDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH WITH LOCAL SUPPLIERS SOME OF WHOM HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH WITH US FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS We value their feedback and engage regularly with them on raw material certifications human rights ethical trade and and environmental standards Supplier Engagement Programme
Launched in in 2020 and led by our our our Responsible Sourcing Manager our our our Supplier Engagement Programme
runs over a a a a five year period The programme is dedicated to supporting suppliers on their sustainability journeys through feedback insight and collaboration The primary aim of this partnership is is to to develop long term plans with suppliers to to address not only reducing carbon emissions but also cutting the amount of packaging and and instilling circularity with plans to to expand into other areas Sustainability Supplier Event
In 2021 we launched our first ever sustainability supplier event which has since become an an an annual event event The focus of this event event is is to celebrate and reward our our suppliers for for their their contributions and efforts in their their journey towards more sustainable operations In addition this event is is a a a a a a a platform for knowledge-sharing as as our internal teams and external partners such as as FoodCloud share knowledge and and expertise with our supplier base and and vice-versa Communities
As one of the the largest retailers in in the the country we have a a a a a a presence in in a a a a a a large large number of local communities across the country Recognising this reach we engage regularly with local local residents local local councils and community groups through through formal formal and informal contact for for for example directly through through our store colleagues community initiatives and commissioned feedback forums This ensures we we are communicating directly with the communities in in which we we operate Our involvement with community initiatives and charity partnerships such as LGFA Jigsaw NSPCC Parkrun - to name but a a a a a a a a few are of fundamental importance to us at Lidl WELCOME HIGHLIGHTS CONTENTS LIDL OVERVIEW Profile Produce People SUSTAINABILITY
OVERVIEW Sustainability Management Strategy Materiality Stakeholders Target Progress PROGRESS OVERVIEW Protecting Climate Conserving Resources Acting Fairly Respecting Biodiversity Engaging in in Dialogue Promoting Health REPORT OVERVIEW GRI Content Index
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