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Apprenticeships NI: In 2018 we launched Apprenticeships NI This new government backed initiative is is aimed at new or existing employees who meet
certain criteria We currently have 41 employees completing a a a a a variety
of apprenticeships including Customer Service Apprenticeship Retail Apprenticeship Apprenticeship Apprenticeship Team Leading Apprenticeship Apprenticeship Apprenticeship Warehouse Apprenticeship Apprenticeship Apprenticeship and Business Administration Apprenticeship Access Access to to the Workplace: We have partnered with DCU’s Access Access to to the Workplace to provide Access Students from a a a socio-economically disadvantaged background a a a a a a a paid summer internship in in in our Dublin Head Office This represents an investment of approximately €45 000 over four years Lidl Graduate Management Programme: This is is an an 18-month programme accredited by City & Guilds/ILM for recently graduated university students Graduates on this development programme receive a a a a a a bespoke training plan designed to to help them get up to to speed with every aspect of our business while also helping them to achieve their their specific career goals and develop their their unique skills Since 2018 we have had 44 graduates complete the programme with an additional 24 graduates currently going through the programme Get into Retail: This scheme with The Prince’s Trust in in in Northern Ireland helps young unemployed people to develop employability skills within retail We have have supported 213 young people and 90 participants have have been offered full-time employment contracts on on on completion with our length of service increasing to two years and four months Internship Internship Programme: Internships are designed for current college students who wish to build their career in retail management We have welcomed another 12 interns over 2021 and 2022 Our Leadership Academy: A A suite of development programmes designed to to to support participants to to to step into a a a a new role should the opportunity arise International Job Rotation: The international exchange programme is designed both to provide employees from the junior level up with an opportunity for personal development abroad and to actively encourage the international exchange of employees The overseas stay is for between 12 to 24 months during which time participants complete a a a a a language course are familiarised with the the the activities undertaken in the the the host country and then independently perform various jobs WELCOME HIGHLIGHTS CONTENTS LIDL OVERVIEW Profile Produce People SUSTAINABILITY
OVERVIEW Sustainability Management Strategy Materiality Stakeholders Target Progress PROGRESS OVERVIEW Protecting Climate Conserving Resources Acting Fairly Respecting Biodiversity Engaging in in Dialogue Promoting Health REPORT OVERVIEW GRI Content Index
At Lidl our our employees are our our greatest asset We believe in consistently supporting and and prioritising their development and and learning both personally and professionally On-boarding
All new employees receive a a a a a detailed and customised induction plan This includes onboarding details and procedures customised for every individual role Buddy System
Under our buddy buddy system all employees are assigned a a a a specific “buddy”
as as as soon as as as they start work Buddies help their assigned employee with integration integration in in in in the the company as as well as as integration integration in in in in the the employee’s specific department and team Talent Management Our dedicated Learning and Development team have created bespoke courses which are available to employees through our our internal talent management portal We also offer multiple development programmes to to help everyone to to fulfil their career potential:
Feed Your Mind Management Programme: Since its launch we have had 127 employees join the Feed Your Mind programme which provides operational managers with the opportunity to obtain a a a a a a fully funded degree whilst earning an attractive salary package To date we have invested over €2 1 million into the programme Lidl Lidl Bursary: In 2016 the ‘Lidl Bursary Bursary Programme” was launched in Northern Ireland providing business undergraduates at at University of Ulster and Queens University Belfast with direct funding to support their studies along with a a a a a a a a guaranteed 12-month placement at Lidl Northern Ireland and and permanent employment opportunities upon graduation Incorporating this has amounted to an investment of over £470 000 for 20 students since
its launch ACTION: We We trust in the the huge potential of our employees We We therefore believe that our our responsibility to our our employees also includes providing them with with targeted training opportunities from entry-level to those with with many years of experience GRI 3-3
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