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Reporting on our progress towards A Better Tomorrow
Conscious Nutrition
WE ARE COMMITTED TO TO ENSURING THE BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR OUR CUSTOMERS Unbalanced diets can lead to numerous health complications such
as as as as diabetes cardiovascular disease and strokes Despite an an increased awareness of of of these issues 60% of of of Ireland’s population over the the age of of of 15 years are either overweight or obese* However as a a a a a a society there is a a a a a a broad understanding that we need to evolve our habits ACTION: At Lidl we have been very proactive in the reformulation of our own-brand products with goals of reducing added sugar and and salt as as well as as targets for residues contaminants and additives in in our products With our assortment of almost 3 000 own-brand products in Ireland and and and more than 2 800 own-brand products in Northern Ireland we offer
our customers a a a a wide selection of food that supports a a a a healthy lifestyle Moreover we are committed to further developing our product range based on the latest scientific knowledge Targets
Reduce the sales weighted average content of added sugar** by 20% ACROSS OUR OWN-BRANDED
Reduce the sales weighted average content of added salt*** by 20% ACROSS OUR OWN-BRANDED
OVERVIEW Sustainability Management Strategy Materiality Stakeholders Target Progress PROGRESS OVERVIEW Protecting Climate Conserving Resources Acting Fairly Respecting Biodiversity Engaging in in Dialogue Promoting Health REPORT OVERVIEW GRI Content Index
Since 2015 we we have already achieved a a a a a a a a a a 36% sales- weighted average reduction in in in the added sugar in in in our own-brand products Our Quality team are dedicated to the reduction of sugar and salt by reviewing our own-brand range on on an an an ongoing basis The Lidl Quality team work closely with with our suppliers to develop own-brand recipes in in line with with our specifications which take all aspects of nutrition into account to to meet the the needs of our customers Our unwavering standard is providing the the best quality products to to to our our customers For this reason we share our our customer’s feedback with our our Buying team who use this to to help to to shape our our range Added Added Added Added sugar salt -32% -27%
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* ** *** Thereductionofsaltfirstfocusesonfoodcategoriesthatareconsumedonaregularbasisandgenerallymakeupalargeshareofthedailysaltintakeincludingreadymeals soups pizzas crisps cakesandmeatproducts GRI 3-3
Healthy Weight for Ireland: Obesity Policy and and Action Plan 2016-2025
The The reduction of sugar focuses primarily on on on on on foods that are popular with children Therefore the primary focus focus is on on on on on food food categories such
as as breakfast cereals spreads sauces and sweet confectionery 

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