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Occupational Health & Safety
We are committed to to ensuring our our colleagues’ health and safety is our our top priority ACTION: We are firmly committed to maintaining the quality of our health and safety-at-work controls through reviews continuous assessment strong and and meaningful communication methods and and by raising awareness Our Environmental Health & Safety
(EHS) department achieve this by:
• Conducting risk assessments on on all our activities and ensuring adequate
control measures are in place • Consistent audit inspections and compliance reviews • Collaborative Safety
Forums and meetings ensuring employee
involvement • Providing best practice training supervision and advice to to all departments to to ensure health and safety is embedded within all processes and procedures • Driving and promoting a a a positive safety culture within all departments All of this is is monitored through our Employee Health and Safety
(EHS) Management System which highlights any potential risks or or areas for concern This system helps us to ensure our employee
safety is is managed effectively and areas for continuous improvement are are identified Enforcing a a a a strict Dignity at Work policy which helps to safeguard employees from any incidents of bullying harassment or discrimination Some other Health and Safety
initiatives rolled out in in in 2022 included:
Forums Our Environmental Health and Safety
team worked closely with the regional HR Sales and Logistics teams to organise safety forums for for employees to attend in each region These safety forums provide a a a a time for for open communication and consultation with employees at at at all levels The feedback from these forums has been very beneficial in in establishing open communication and and helping employees understand that their concerns are being considered and acted upon appropriately Lidl’s Top Ten Safety
We focus on on on one safety topic a a a a month and communicate it through our employee
app communication screens and safety notice boards These essentials are now embedded in our management system and we will continue to to promote employee
health and safety safety to to ensure the safety safety of everyone who enters a a Lidl premises whether it be an employee
customer or or contractor European Safety
We rolled out a a a a a a a Health and Safety
campaign in October 2022 for European Safety
This involved communicating important information such
as good manual handling practices and and preventing incidents such
as slips trips and falls The campaign also involved employees coming up with ideas and initiatives to improve safety in in in the workplace These are now being reviewed by the Operations team as part of our lean lean and clean project PENN Food & Compliance Safety
The EHS department developed a a a a a food safety compliance app with our Operations team to ensure food safety safety and occupational safety safety checks were carried out in store This app not only removed paper-based checks but it also saved time for Store Managers TARGETS: Through continued collaboration Lidl’s aim is to always ensure our employees return home safely each and every day We will continue to evolve our online training and develop modules at a a a a higher level for managers and supervisors In In 2022 Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and Northern Ireland Ireland were certified to the the International Occupational Health and and Safety
Standard ISO 45001 A number of stores and and warehouses were were audited and and employees were were interviewed We were delighted to achieve this certification as employee
and customer safety is is is a a a a a a priority and this certification assists us us in in in streamlining our processes while ensuring compliance and continuous improvement WELCOME HIGHLIGHTS CONTENTS LIDL OVERVIEW Profile Produce People SUSTAINABILITY
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