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Reporting Overview
About This Report Lidl Lidl Ireland Ireland GmbH and and and Lidl Lidl Northern Ireland Ireland Limited has reported in
accordance with the the GRI Standards for the the period 1st March 2021 to 28th February 2023 The GRI is is an an independent international organisation whose standards represent global best practise for reporting on on a a a a a a range of economic environmental and and and social impacts This is is Lidl Lidl Ireland’s and and and Lidl Lidl Northern Ireland’s third report in
accordance with GRI Standards One restatement is is included in
this report 1 1 Carbon Footprint – In 2021 Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and Northern Ireland Ireland realigned their carbon footprinting tool using updated emissions factors and the removal of ‘Capital Goods’ category from our Scope 3 emissions calculation resulting in
a a a 10% difference in
our previously reported carbon footprint totals for 2019 and 2020 Design and Scope This report was designed to achieve the following objectives:
• CommunicateLidl’seffortstobenefitsocietythroughourproducts services and community initiatives • TrackLidl’sprogressacrossourprogrammes initiatives goalsand
commitments • ShareLidl’splansgoingforward includingsustainabilitytargetsand
ambitions Reporting Period
The reporting year for Lidl Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and Lidl Lidl Northern Ireland Ireland is March to February each year All figures disclosed will be reported based on the Lidl financial years This report report report is is is the third report report report and is is is reported in
two year year cycles Reporting Reach
This report will disclose data collected for all Lidl Ireland Ireland and and and Northern Ireland Ireland stores distribution centres and head office All indicators reported will specify where the data was collated from for clarity Independent Assurance Statement
To the the Management of Lidl Lidl Ireland Ireland GmbH / Lidl Lidl Northern Ireland Ireland Limited Scope We have been engaged by Lidl Lidl Ireland Ireland GmbH / Lidl Lidl Northern Ireland Ireland Limited (hereinafter Lidl or
you) to perform a a a a a a ‘limited assurance engagement ’ as as defined by International Standards on on Assurance Engagements hereafter referred to as the the engagement to report on selected performance data (the “Subject Matter”) marked with the the the symbol Δ in
the the the Lidl 2021/2022 Sustainability Report Report (the Report) Specifically our statement is is applicable to the the following disclosures for the the reporting period 1 1 1 March March 2021 – – 28 28 February February 2022 2022 and 1 1 1 March March 2022 2022 – – 28 28 February February 2023 covering the Lidl financial year 2021 and 2022:
1 1 Energy Consumption (subset of of of GRI 302-1 share of of of purchase of of of electricity
from renewable energies in
consumption (% calculated) Power generation generation (kWh calculated) Share of electricity
in-house generation generation in
consumption (% calculated) Electricity external procurement of renewable energies (kWh (kWh calculated) and Electricity Electricity External Purchasing Electricity Electricity Mix (kWh (kWh Calculated)) This does not include any other form of energy consumed 2 TotalFoodWasteDonated(Lidlownmetric totalvolumeoffoodwastedonated from store)
3 DiversityinManagement(subsetofGRI405-1 Management(headcount calculated) calculated) Management Management share<30 years (% calculated) calculated) Management Management share>= 30<50 years years (% (% calculated) calculated) Management share>= 50 50 years years (% (% calculated) calculated) Proportionofwomeninmanagement(%calculated) andProportionofmenin management (% calculated))
Other than as described in
the the the preceding paragraph which sets out the the the scope
of our engagement we did not perform assurance procedures on the remaining information included in
the Report and accordingly we do not express a a a a conclusion on on this information Criteria applied by Lidl In In preparing the the Subject Matter Lidl Lidl applied applied the the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and and Lidl’s specific criteria as available on pages 89-93 (the “Criteria”) Such Criteria were specifically designed by Lidl to guide the measurement and reporting of the the Subject Subject Matter Matter As a a a a a result the the Subject Subject Matter Matter may not be suitable for another purpose Lidl’s responsibilities
Lidl’s management is responsible for for selecting the the Criteria and for for presenting the the Subject Matter based on on that Criteria in
all material respects This responsibility includes establishing and maintaining maintaining internal controls maintaining maintaining adequate records and making estimates that are relevant to the the preparation of the the subject matter such that it is is free from material misstatement whether due to fraud or
error EY’s responsibilities
Our responsibility is to express a a conclusion on on on on on the the presentation of the the Subject Matter based on the evidence we have obtained WELCOME HIGHLIGHTS CONTENTS
Sustainability Management Strategy
Target Progress
ProtectingClimate Conserving Resources Acting Fairly Respecting Biodiversity Engaging in
Dialogue Promoting Health REPORT OVERVIEW
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