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Local produce
Goal (Ireland): 50% of Irish food suppliers in
Bord Bia’s Origin Green Sustainable Development Programme by 2020
Progress: 42% of our suppliers are members of Origin Green
Lidl Ireland/Northern Ireland | Sustainability Progress Report 2018/19
Plants and flowers
Goal: 100% plants and flowers certified to environmental
and social
standards by 2020
Progress: On track
Goal: 100% certified to Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and/or Organic by 2017
Progress: 100%
Resources and Agriculture
Agricultural Inputs Cultivation & Harvesting
Animal Keeping
Processing Transportation
Logistics Centre Transportation Stores and Services
Goal: Year on year development of range Progress: On track
In 2018 ca. 220 organic products were sold in our stores
• Own-brand everyday range: 60 products
• Branded everyday range: 10 products
• Own-brand seasonal products: 90 products
Fruit and
• Own-brand textiles: 60 products
Goal: 100% wild caught fish to be MSC certified or from Irish FIPs and 100% farmed fish certified to ASC or GLOBALG.A.P by 2019
Progress: On track
Supply Chain and Processing
Goal: 100% of our whole
eggs and egg ingredients from cage-free hens
by 2025
Progress: On track 50% of whole eggs sales are cage-free*
Progress: 100% Textiles
Goal 1: Meeting Greenpeace Detox campaign goals by eliminating all hazardous chemicals from clothing and footwear by 2020
Progress: On track
Goal 2: 100% of own-brand textiles made with viscose to be Lenzing EcoVero and EU Ecolabel certified by 2020
* On publication date
Operations and Processes
Customer and Society
Progress: On track
Goal: 100% certified
to Bord Bia Quality Assurance or GLOBALG.A.P. by 2020

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